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Upgraded silicon nanowires by metal-assisted etching of metallurgical silicon: A new route to nanostructured solar-grade silicon

: Li, X.; Xiao, Y.; Bang, J.H.; Lausch, D.; Meyer, S.; Miclea, P.-T.; Jung, J.-Y.; Schweizer, S.L.; Lee, J.-H.; Wehrspohn, R.B.


Advanced Materials 25 (2013), Nr.23, S.3187-3191
ISSN: 0935-9648
ISSN: 1521-4095
Fraunhofer CSP ()
Fraunhofer IWM ( Fraunhofer IWM-H) ()

Through metal-assisted chemical etching (MaCE), superior purification of dirty Si is observed, from 99.74 to 99.9884% for metallurgical Si and from 99.999772 to 99.999899% for upgraded metallurgical Si. In addition, large area of silicon nanowires (SiNW) are fabricated. The purification effect induces a about 35% increase in photocurrent for SiNW based photoelectrochemical cell.