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Frontiers of III-V compounds and devices

Grenzbereiche von III-V Verbindungshalbleitern und -Bauelementen
: Würfl, J.; Schlechtweg, M.

GAAS 2004. 12th European Gallium Arsenide & other Compound Semiconductors Application Symposium
London: Horizon House, 2004
ISBN: 1-58053-990-4
European Gallium Arsenide and Other Compound Semiconductors Application Symposium (GAAS) <12, 2004, Amsterdam>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
metamorphic; metamorph; HEMT; D-band; amplifier; Verstärker; GaInP/GaAs; HBT; 80 Gigabit/s; integrated circuit; integrierter Schaltkreis; GaN; HFT

The paper presents an overview on the European status of electronic devices for micro- and mm-wave applications based an III/V compound semiconductors. Both low noise and power devices for applications from a few GHz up to several hundred GHz are considered in terms of specific material and processing technologies and of typical device results. This includes a survey on the actual status of GaAs based HEMT and HBT devices, metamorphic HEMT devices. Furthermore recent results on high speed InP based HEMTs and HBTs are summarized. Regarding power applications the potentials of mature GaAs HBT technologies, power HEMTs and novel GaN technologies are discussed and compared to each other.