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A modular architecture for a driving simulator based on the FDMU approach

: Filippo, Francesco de; Stork, André; Schmedt, Hendrik; Bruno, Fabio


International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing 8 (2014), Nr.2, S.139-150
ISSN: 1955-2513
EISSN: 1955-2505
Fraunhofer IGD ()
driving simulation; realtime simulation; virtual reality (VR); digital mock-up (DMU); OpenModelica; co-simulation

The present paper describes the development of a modular and easily configurable simulation platform for ground vehicles. This platform should be usable for the implementation of driving simulators employed both in training purposes and in vehicle components testing. In particular, the paper presents a first architectural model for the implementation of a simulation platform based on the Functional Digital Mock-Up (FDMU) approach. This platform will allow engineers to implement different kinds of simulators that integrate both physical and virtual components, thus achieving the possibility to quickly reconfigure the architecture depending on the hardware and software used and on specific test case needs. The platform has been tested by developing a case study that integrates a motion platform, some I/O devices and a simple dynamic ground vehicle model implemented in OpenModelica.