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Modeling of free-space microoptics

: Zeitner, U.D.; Schreiber, P.; Karthe, W.

Jahns, J.:
Microoptics. From technology to applications
New York, NY: Springer, 2004 (Springer series in optical sciences 97)
ISBN: 0-387-20980-8
Heraeus Seminar on Microoptics <2002, Bad Honnef>
Fraunhofer IOF ()
microoptic; optics design

In the last decade, the use of microoptical elements such as lens arrays, single microlenses, beam splitters, and beam shapers has been constantly increased. Such microoptical elements can provide new optical functions unknown in conventional opticals. However, in most cases these elements are only part of a complex optical system containing a number of different additional optical elements. To understand the response of the whole system, the design and modeling methods for the conventional optics and the microoptics have to fit together. In this chapter, we will look at the special effects connected with the use of microoptical elements and how they can be adequately modeled. We restrict ourselves here to the consideration of free-space microoptical systems and, thus, the extensive field of integrated microoptics is beyond the scope of this chapter. In Section 2, we summarize the consequences of miniaturization of optical elements an the overal l system concept. Section 3 compares the commonly used modeling techniques, and in Section 4, some example systems are discussed.