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Corrosion of YSiAlON-glasses in acidic and caustic media

: Schilm, J.; Herrmann, M.; Michael, G.

Silicates industriels 69 (2004), Nr.7-8, Special Issue, S.317-324
ISSN: 0037-5225
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

The corrosion behavior of YSiAlON-glasses was investigated in acidic and basic environments. In 1n H2SO4 at 90 DegC linear corrosion rates were obsd. for both the mass losses and the change in sample dimensions. A correlation between corrosion rates and structural characteristics of the different glass compns. was made. Increasing silica and alumina contents lead to decreased dissoln. rates. Glasses with high silica contents showed the formation of sublayers on the surface during corrosion in 6n H2SO4 at 90 DegC. The overall corrosion rates in 1n NaOH at 90 DegC were up to two orders of magnitude slower than in 1n H2SO4. Under these conditions the dependencies on the silica and alumina contents are reversed in comparison to the observations in 1n H2SO4. Also, a clear influence of yttria content is recognized. Most samples show the formation of Y(OH)3-layers of the surfaces.