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Flat loudspeaker enclosures

: Beer, Daniel; Ehrig, Lutz; Betz, Lorenz; Schnemilich, Marcel; Maysenhölder, Waldemar

Associazione Italiana di Acustica -AIA-; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik -DEGA-, Berlin; European Acoustics Association -EAA-:
AIA-DAGA 2013. International Conference on Acoustics. Proceedings. CD-ROM : EAA Euroregio, EAA Winterschool; 18 - 21 March 2013 in Merano
Berlin: DEGA, 2013
ISBN: 978-3-939296-05-8
Deutsche Jahrestagung für Akustik (DAGA) <39, 2013, Meran>
Italienische Jahrestagung für Akustik (AIA) <40, 2013, Meran>
International Conference on Acoustics <2013, Meran>
Fraunhofer IBP ()
Fraunhofer IDMT ()
loudspeaker; planar speaker; flat loudspeaker; transducer; electrodynamic

Loudspeaker enclosure design is usually considered independently of the geometry of the enclosure volume as long as standing waves are neglected. Based on a given set of Thiele-Small-Parameters only the size of the volume is derived for a desired alignment. However, it has been observed, that for enclosures having the same net volume but different geometries, the vibration behavior of an electrodynamic driver built in such enclosures changed. Especially by decreasing one dimension of an enclosure, which results in a at shape, the resonance frequency of a driver built in that enclosure decreased signicantly.
Based on measurement results we would like to present our findings and give explanations about possible causes. In future work the inuence of the observed effects on the acoustical behavior has to be investigated.