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Mobile Robot Motion Planning in Multi-Resolution Lattices with Hybrid Dimensionality

: Petereit, Janko; Emter, Thomas; Frey, Christian W.

Preprint urn:nbn:de:0011-n-2497246 (274 KByte PDF)
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Erstellt am: 24.7.2013

International Federation of Automatic Control -IFAC-:
IFAC Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles Symposium 2013. Preprints. CD-ROM : Gold Coast, 26-28 June 2013
Gold Coast: IFAC, 2013
6 S.
Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV) <2013, Gold Coast>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IOSB ()
Path planning; motion planning; variable dimensionality; multi-resolution; state lattice; dynamic environment

Safe and effcient path planning for mobile robots in large dynamic environments is still a challenging research topic. In order to plan collision-free trajectories, the time component of the path must be explicitly considered during the search. Furthermore, a precise planning near obstacles and in the vicinity of the robot is important. This results in a high computational burden of the trajectory planning algorithms. However, in large open areas and in the far future of the path, the planning can be performed more coarsely.
In this paper, we present a novel algorithm that uses a hybrid-dimensional multi-resolution state x time lattice to effienciently compute trajectories with an adaptive delity according to the environmental requirements.We show how to construct this lattice in a consistent way and define the transitions between regions of different granularity. Finally, we provide some experimental results, which prove the real-time capability of our approach and show its advantages over single-dimensional single-resolution approaches.