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Customer-oriented life cycle costing

: Janz, D.; Kühne, F.; Berger, S.; Westkämper, E.; Sihn, W.

University of Western Sydney, InCITe Research Centre:
Continuous Innovation. Strategic Priorities for the Global Knowledge Economy. CD-ROM : Proceedings of the 5th International CINet Conference, 22 - 25 September, 2004, Sydney, Australia
Sydney, 2004
International Continuous Innovation Network Conference (CINet) <5, 2004, Sydney>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Life Cycle Costing; product life cycle; QFD - Quality Function Deployment; product development; Produktentwicklung

Initial situation: In the field of railway transportation systems the total life cycle costs are mainly influenced by operation and maintanance costs. On the other hand, the grater part of these costs is defined by product development. Often operators and developers of railed vehicles are driven to different interests. The operating company is mainly interested in fulfilling the customer requirements while optimising the cost-benefit-ration. In a cooperative research project Fraunhofer IPA developed an integrated approach to combine elements of Life Cycle Costing, Value analysis and Quality Function Deployment. Apart from providing the opportunity of cost reductions for vehicles in use, this approach allows to define life cycle costs estimates which can also be applied to other areas based on customer requirements and real costs data.