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Analysis of cutting performance of high power abrasive water jets

: Henning, A.; Westkämper, E.; Jarchau, M.

Gee, C. ; BHR Group, Cranfield/Bedford:
Advances and Future Needs: Papers presented at 17th International Conference on Water Jetting : Mainz, Germany, 7-9 September 2004
Cranfield, Bedford, England, 2004
ISBN: 1-85598-059-2
International Conference on Water Jetting <17, 2004, Mainz>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
waterjet; Hochdruckwasserstrahlschneiden; Wasserstrahlschneiden

Abrasive water jetting (AWJ) has gaind more popularity in recent timres as a method of machining everything from non metallic materials to high grade steels. Recent developments in hydraulic power supply and AWJ nozzle head designs now make cutting operations much more competitive. Previously multiple cutting heads in parallel operation were used to achieve higher performance but with high power cutting heads the high performance can be achieved withour compromising operational flexibility.
In this paper different cutting situations are compared with regard to cutting capability and cost efficiency wherein the abrasive load ratio plays an important role. Here a model os derived to analyze cutting parameters for optimal operating conditions offering a new tool to predict and enhance performance of abrasive waterjet machining.