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Generic platforms for service robot applications

: Rohrmoser, B.; Barth, O.; May, T.

Drews, P. ; European Center for Mechatronics; IEEE Industrial Electronics Society:
Mechatronics and Robotics '04. Vol.4 : Aachen - Germany, September 13 - 15, 2004
Aachen: Eysoldt, 2004
ISBN: 3-938153-30-X
ISBN: 3-938153-50-X
International Conference on Mechatronics and Robotics (MECHROB) <2004, Aachen>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
autonome mobile Roboter; autonomous mobile robot; Roboteranwendung; service robot; Serviceroboter; robot security guard; Sicherheitsroboter; Manipulator

Many service robot applications rely on mobile platforms with and without manipulator arm. These systems have essentially a high complexity so it is very important to develop generic platforms for reaching high quality over a wide range of applications. In this paper a generic architecture for the mechanical and electrical design as well as for the control software is described. The requirements are derived form two example applications Neobotix is actually developing. One application is a robot security guard for surveillance, inspection and telepresence. The other application is a mobile mainpulator, which handles wafers in a clean room. The platforms are able to navigate autonomously in their environment. Because the platforms operate beside humans, special safety functionality is considered.