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Extending the power cycling lifetime of SiC diodes (by increased cooling temperatures)

Presentation held at ISiCPEAW 2013, 09.06. - 11.06.2013, Stockholm, Sweden
Verbesserung der Lastwechselfestigkeit von SiC Dioden durch erhöhte Kühlmitteltemperaturen
: Hutzler, Aaron

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2013, 20 Folien
International SiC Power Electronics Applications Workshop (ISiCPEAW) <2013, Stockholm>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IISB ()
silicon-carbide devices; diode; active power cycling; lifetime; packaging; power electronics; increased cooling temperatures

SiC devices can easily deal with higher temperatures(if the electrical performance of unipolar devices is excluded). Increased cooling temperature can extend the lifetime. Temperature swing and cooling temperature have to be separately considered. A temperature dependent material characterization is needed. Empirical lifetime models can only be applied for the kind of assemblies and test condition that they were meant for. SiC devices with the sintering technology have a huge potential. The temperature of their applications can be significantly increased. But silver-sintering is only one part of a power module. High temperature behavior of molding, housing, terminals, sensors, insulating material and their electrical, thermal, mechanical interconnections have also be considered.