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Enzymatic esterification with continuous product removal

: Ehrenstein, U.; Kabasci, S.; Kümmel, R.; Kabiri Badr, A.; Bélafi-Bako, K.; Gubicza, L.

Kreysa, G. ; Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie -DECHEMA-:
Biotechnology 2000. The World Congress on Biotechnology, 11th International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition. Vol.4: Biochemical engineering science and processes, biotechnology and society: Poster abstracts of section VII,VIII : 3 - 8 September 2000, ICC, Berlin
Frankfurt/Main: DECHEMA, 2000
World Congress on Biotechnology <2000, Berlin>
International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition <11, 2000, Berlin>
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
Veresterung; lipase; integriertes System; Membran; pervaporation; esterification; integrated process; membrane

For the enzymatic production of natural flavour esters lipase was used. With the in-line connection of pervaporation units to the esterification process an integrated system is presently under investigation. Preliminary experiments were carried out with acetic acid and ethanol as initial components, the solvent of the esterification was the alcohol itself. For the continuous separation of the products ethyl acetate and water, pervaporation and adsorption, respectively, were examined in order to avoid product inhibition and promote the ester production. Recently, experiments were carried out to investigate water removal by pervaporation.