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Lightning safe rotor blade monitoring using an optical power supply for ultrasonic techniques

: Frankenstein, B.; Fischer, D.; Weihnacht, B.; Rieske, R.

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Boller, Christian (Ed.) ; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V. -DGZfP-, Berlin; Fraunhofer-Institut für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren -IZFP-, Saarbrücken:
Structural health monitoring 2012. Sixth European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring. Proceedings. Vol.1 : 1st European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society, held at Dresden, Germany, July 3-6, 2012
Berlin: DGZfP, 2012 (DGZfP-Berichtsbände 135)
ISBN: 978-3-940283-41-2
European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (EWSHM) <6, 2012, Dresden>
Prognostics and Health Management Society (PHM European Conference) <1, 2012, Dresden>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IZFP, Institutsteil Dresden ( IKTS-MD) ()

To provide a safe and reliable technique for rotor blade inspection, the lightning damages caused by any metal equipment inserted into the blade have to be eliminated. This paper, therefore, deals with an approach that consequently avoids any metal cables by applying optical fibers both for data communication as well as for the power supply. The used sensor network is specialized in acoustic emission and acousto ultrasonic techniques. The sensors are located in areas of the blade where failure often occurs. The acoustic signals caused by failures in the blade are constantly recorded and evaluated regarding criteria like energy content and travel time. The optical power supply is realized by a laser source, an optical fiber for the energy transfer, an optical receiver and a communication fiber with receiver and transmitter. The optical power transmitted over one fiber equals approx. 1W.