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An IP-based bluetooth multi-hop network for inhouse communication

Poster at the International Conference on Pervasive Computing 2004, 18.-23.4.04
: Augel, M.; Heidrich, W.A.; Knorr, R.

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2004, 6 S.
International Conference on Pervasive Computing <2, 2004, Linz; Wien>
Poster, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ESK ( IKS) ()
self-organization; routing; handover; bluetooth; inhouse communication; forwarding node

This paper presents self organization, routing and handover aspects of a newly developed IP-based Bluetooth multi-hop network to be used for inhouse communication. To increase throughput a fundamental distinction between infrastructure devices and user devices is made in the network. Dedicated devices equipped with two Bluetooth modules are used as forwarding nodes and serve as a stationary infrastructure for mobile end devices.