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Wave-optical structure design with the local plane-interface approximation

: Pfeil, A.v.; Wyrowski, F.


Journal of modern optics 47 (2000), Nr.13, S.2335-2350
ISSN: 0950-0340
ISSN: 1362-3044
Fraunhofer IOF ()

The design of an optical element profile with specified transmission function for a given incident wave is of fundamental concern in optical design. A well-known example is the design of an aspherical surface in order to realize a spherical phase-only transmission. Various wave-optical system design methods lead to transmission functions as a first step. Then, often the thin-element approximation is applied in a second step to obtain an element structure with the desired transmission. However, if the refraction at the optical interface cannot be neglected, the thin-element approximation is not valid. In this case, a higher version of the local plane-interface approximation can be used for the element structure design. An algorithm for this model is introduced and its characteristics are discussed for the example of a non-paraxial
Gaussian-to-tophat beam shaping element.