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Continuous product removal by pervaporation during enzymatic esterification

: Ehrenstein, U.; Kabiri Badr, A.; Bélafi-Bako, K.; Kabasci, S.; Kümmel, R.; Gubicza, L.

Takács, Z.:
X. Membrántechnikai Konferencia és 4. UWATECH Nemzetközi Membrán Kollokvium 2000. Proceedings : Tata, 12-13 October 2000
Tata, 2000
ISBN: 963-8203-97-8
UWATECH Nemzetközi Membrán Kollokvium <4, 2000, Tata>
Membrántechnikai Konferencia <10, 2000, Tata>
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
Veresterung; lipase; integriertes System; Membran; pervaporation; esterification; integrated process; membrane

Lipase enzyme (E. C. Triacylglycerol acylhydrolase) is able to catalyse both esterification and hydrolytic reactions. The direction of the equilibrium reaction depends mainly on the conditions used. Biocatalytic esterification of alcohols and acids can be realised in low-water systems. Removing one of the products (water, ester), the equilibrium of the reaction can be shifted towards the reaction, thus production of ester is preferred. Pervaporation can be applied for both purposes. In this work pervaporation was used to remove the ester produced. This way the parameters of the production of natural flavour esters can be assured.