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MobileAR Browser - A generic architecture for rapid AR-multi-level development

: Engelke, Timo; Becker, Mario; Wuest, Harald; Keil, Jens; Kuijper, Arjan


Expert Systems with Applications 40 (2013), Nr.7, S.2704-2714
ISSN: 0957-4174
Fraunhofer IGD ()
mobile devices; Augmented reality (AR); generic architectures

We present our novel generic approach for interfacing web components on mobile devices in order to rapidly develop Augmented Reality (AR) applications using HTML5, JavaScript, X3D and a vision engine. A general concept is presented exposing a generalized abstraction of components that are to be integrated in order to allow the creation of AR capable interfaces on widely available mobile devices. Requirements are given, yielding a set of abstractions, components, and helpful interfaces that allow rapid prototyping, research at application level, as well as commercial applications. A selection of various applications (also commercial) using the developed framework is given, proving the generality of the architecture of our MobileAR Browser. Using this concept a large number of developers can be reached. The system is designed to work with different standards and allows for domain separation of tracking algorithms, render content, interaction and GUI design. This can potentially help groups of developers and researchers with different competences creating their application in parallel, while the declarative content remains exchangeable.