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Telemedical ILOG listeners: Information logistics processing of telemedical values using CEP and HL7

: Meister, Sven


Wichert, Reiner (Ed.); Eberhardt, Birgid (Ed.):
Ambient Assisted Living. 5. AAL-Kongress 2012 : Berlin, Germany, January 24-25, 2012
Berlin: Springer, 2012 (Advanced technologies and societal change)
ISBN: 978-3-642-27490-9
ISBN: 978-3-642-27491-6
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-27491-6
Kongress Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) <5, 2012, Berlin>
Fraunhofer ISST ()

Optimal healthcare supply today relies extensively on the usage of technology to reduce the emerging costs and ensure high quality standards. Especially telemedicine, as a technology that offers the chance to optimize medical data transfer, is regarded as the promising strategy. As a result of the all-encompassing interconnection of healthcare sources, the actors like physicians are confronted with a growing amount of information, also known as information overload. Therefore we propose a new approach, according to the principles of information logistics (ILOG). Based upon complex event processing (CEP) we investigated the concept of Telemedical ILOG Listener (TIL) to process telemedical events in a very modular way. A telemedical event includes the medical data, attributes necessary for C EP and attributes to represent the dimension of ILOG. To standardize the representation of telemedical events we introduce the HL7 Telemedical Event Format.