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Robot Technology in Medical Applications - Challenges and Developments

Robotertechnologie in der Medizin - Herausforderungen und Entwicklungen
: Schraft, R.D.; Hiller, A.

Kedzior, K. ; International Centre of Biocybernetics -ICB-:
Biomechanics: Biomechanics of musculosceletal system medical robotics : Proceedings of the 51st Seminar of the International Centre of Biocybernetics (ICB)
Warsaw, 2000 (Lecture Notes of the ICB Seminars 46)
International Centre of Biocybernetics (Seminar) <51, 2000, Warsaw, Poland>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Medizinroboter; Roboter

The operating system of the Fraunhofer IPA completes a series of available medical robots and the medical robots in development in the field of microsurgery. Still, the systems are not produced in series and the voices of the critics have not calmed down. There are some doubts about additional loading the patient is subject to due to the reference markers mounted in the course of operation. Some alternative procedures; e.g., analysis of the volume data are already partially tested. Simultaneously all safety (monitoring of the movement space, collision check) and medical requirements (sterilisation barrens, handling characterisitics) are to be fulfilled on the legalities. Therefore, the development of medical robots will continue worldwide. Disciplines are to be opened to improve and make the existing systems safer. Further trends towards modification of the peripheral systems and operational sequence have to be considered.