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Design and simulation of a flexible thermoforming unit

: Lehikoinen, Esa Juhani

Aalen, 2013, 109 S.
Aalen, Univ., Master Thesis, 2013
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IWU ()
thermoforming unit; flexible packaging machine; thermoforming simulation

Like shown in the introduction, packaging is an important part of the daily life and the demand for it is growing. Reasons include the growing world population, the trend towards smaller households and the trend torwards to "to go" products. Due to economical and engineering aspects a change in the usage of packaging materials is taking place forwards polymer materials. They have, among advantages, the advantage of light weight and easy sterilization. Due to this growing market for polymer packaging materials a packaging machine is needed, which makes flexible processing possible. The flexible thermoforming process was under the development during this thesis in the terms of the polymer technology. During this thesis the format flexible tool is developed to the higher level. It can be concluded that the state of the thermoforming machine get an improved flexibility due the work done during this thesis. Overall flexibility of the packaging line increased.