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Scenario-based dimensioning of the actuator of parallel cable-driven robots

: Kraus, Werner; Pott, Andreas


Viadero, Fernando (Ed.):
New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science : Theory and Applications in Engineering; 4th European Conference on Mechanism Science (EUCOMES 2012), held in Santander, Spain from 18 to 22 September 2012
Dordrecht: Springer Netherland, 2013 (Mechanisms and Machine Science 7)
ISBN: 978-94-007-4901-6 (Print)
ISBN: 978-94-007-4902-3 (Online)
European Conference on Mechanism Science (EUCOMES) <4, 2012, Santander>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
cable-driven parallel robot; paralleler Seilroboter; Parallelroboter; Seilkraftverteilung; Aktor; Umlenkrolle; Roboter; Antrieb; Simulation; Servoantrieb; Actuator

A wide range of potential applications for parallel cable-driven robots exist. An important factor for detailed concept studies is the dimensioning of the winches. From the economic point of view, the high overload capacity of electrical drives should be taken into account during the selection of the actuator. This paper proposes a method to generate load spectra of the actuators based on dynamic motion sequences. With the gained data a suitable actuator can be selected. Furthermore, it's shown how the implementation can be used to adjust the internal tension niveau for minimizing the trajectory time under the actuators performance constraints.