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Visualized movement patterns and their analysis to classify similarities - demonstrated by the karate kick MAE-GERI

: Witte, K.; Emmermacher, P.; Langenbeck, N.; Perl, J.

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Kinesiology 44 (2012), Nr.2, S.155-165
ISSN: 0351-1057
ISSN: 1331-1441
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Single biomechanical parameters or characteristics cannot reflect the complexity of movements in sport. For this reason the paper introduces a procedure to visualize the movement pattern on the basis of the relevant movement angles to get a visual impression of the holistic movement. This procedure was applied to the karate kick mae-geri (front kick) which was executed by five athletes. By means of this method it was possible to identify similarities and differences in coordination between the movements of the individual karatekas. In addition, statistical analyses (coefficient of variability, Pearson's correlation coefficient and Euclidean distances) were used to confirm this and to determine the most stable angles in performance.