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New method for scaffold fabrication for tissue engineering by combination of inkjet-printing and multiphoton

: Refle, Oliver; Graf, Careen; Engelhardt, Sascha; Visotschnig, Roland

Sun, Wei (Co-Chair) ; National Science Foundation -NSF-:
BF 2010, International Conference on Biofabrication : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; October 4-6, 2010. Proceedings
Philadelphia/Pa., 2010
International Conference on Biofabrication (BF) <2010, Philadelphia/Pa.>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Additive Manufacturing (AM); digital biofabrication; Multiphoton Polymerization (MPP); Inkjet; 3D-Printing; tissue engineering; scaffold; Biotechnologie

Additive manufacturing is a promising technology for applications in medical engineering. With the aid of 3D-CAD-Tools it is possible to design implants patient-specific which then are manufactured with additive manufacturing technologies. This abstract introduces a new additive manufacturing method for the generation of scaffolds for tissue engineering which combines Inkjet-Printing and Multiphoton Polymerization (MPP).