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Communication Platform Digital Laboratory - New Solutions for Planning and Control of Biotech Laboratories

Kommunikationsplattform Digitales Labor - Neue Lösungen für Planung und Steuerung von Biotech-Labors
: Runde, C.; Kuhn, C.; Dobler, H.; Joosten, H.

Association for Laboratory Automation:
LabAutomation 2000. Abstracts
Palm Springs, Calif., 2000
LabAutomation <2000, Palm Springs/Calif.>
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Biotech Lab; Laborautomatisierung; Digital Lab; Virtual Lab; Laboratorium; Automatisierung; Planung

Planning the layout of a biotech lab depends on various parameters such as material flow, information flow, life-cycle of services and environmental conditions. This complexity of numerous components and dynamic circumstances can be handled in an easier way by the use of the communication platform Digital Laboratory. By the use of an integrative data management and interactive 3D-simulation all processes in the life-cycle of a laboratory can be supported. Virtual Reality, the 3D human-computer interface accelerates significantly the processes of creating and handling 3D data in a 3D space for design and evaluation purposes. The goal of these tools is to enable interaction in an intuitive and easy way with in a virtual laboratory. Furthermore the tools have been developed for the support of cooperative work in a virtual environment. Two different tools are presented, which support the layout planning process tremendously and speed up the implementation of fully automated biotech labs.