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Anisotropy and inhomogeneity measurement of the transport properties of spark plasma sintered thermoelectric materials

: Jacquot, A.; Rull, M.; Moure, A.; Fernandez-Lozano, J.F.; Martin-Gonzalez, M.; Saleemi, M.; Toprak, M.S.; Muhammed, M.; Jaegle, M.


MRS online proceedings library. Online resource 1490 (2013)
ISSN: 1946-4274
Materials Research Society (Fall Meeting) <2012, Boston/Mass.>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
Fraunhofer IPM ()
thermoelectric; electrical property; sintering; ZTmeter; electrical conductivity; seebeck coefficient; thermal conductivity

We report on the development and capabilities of two new measurement systems developed at Fraunhofer-IPM. The first measurement system is based on an extension of the Van der Pauw method and is suitable for cube-shaped samples. A mapping of the electrical conductivity tensor of a Skutterudite-SPS samples produced at the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid is presented. The second measurement system is a ZTmeter also developed at the Fraunhofer-IPM. It enables the simultaneous measurement of the electrical conductivity, Seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity up to 900 K of cubes at least 5x5x5 mm3 in size. The capacity of this measurement system for measuring the anisotropy of the transport properties of a (Bi,Sb)2Te3SPS sample produced by KTH is demonstrated by simply rotating th e samples.