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Ten-T large projects - investments and costs

Provisional version. Study
: Schade, Wolfgang; Senger, Florian; Rothengatter, Werner; Meyer-Rühle, Olaf; Brouwer, Ian S.

Brussels: European Parliament, 2013, 184 S.
Fraunhofer ISI ()

The literature reports on substantial planning and procurement failures of large transport infrastructure projects. This study should elaborate if and how TEN-T co-funded projects are affected by such operational problems and should provide recommendations on how these could be avoided for the next TEN-T programming period. Based on a literature review and ten case studies, this study elaborates recommendations for improving strategic planning, the choice and definition of projects as well as a sound assessment for transport and socio-economic impacts. The role of transparent information regarding ex-ante planning and ex-post success is studied to support EU co-funding decisions and the monitoring of project implementation.