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A calculation model for the economic effects of implementing predictive maintenance algorithms into semiconductor fabrication lines

Presentaion held at APC Conference XXIV 2012, 10.09.2012 to 12.09.2012, Ann Arbor, Michigan
: Koitzsch, Matthias; Honold, Alfred; Noll, Humbert; Nemecek, Alexander

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2012, 2 S.
Advanced Process Control Conference (APC) <24, 2012, Ann Arbor/Mich.>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IISB ()
investment assessment; predictive maintenance

Process tools in leading edge semiconductor facilities represent a huge amount of capital expenditure. It is essential to maximize the use of these assets especially availability and reliability of these tools. Moreover, it is also important to minimize the maintenance costs of these equipment in order to further reduce operational costs of semiconductor fabs. The approach of predictive maintenance (PdM) promises to improve the availability and reliability of semiconductor production tools. PdM algorithms forecast the need for maintenance; the corresponding maintenance work is then optimally scheduled and performed before parts fail. A model has been developed to calculate the economic effects of the implementation of PdM, similar to virtual metrology (VM). The model also considers potent ial damages in case the PdM algorithms fail. This paper presents the economic benefits and potential risks due to the implementation of PdM algorithms into existing fab structures, providing a valuable and important extension of existing assessment approaches for such investment.