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Architecting a security strategy measurement and management system

: Rieke, R.; Schütte, J.; Hutchison, A.


MDsec '12. Proceedings of the Workshop on Model-Driven Security
ACM, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4503-1806-8
Art.2, 6 S.
Model-Driven Security Workshop (MDsec) <1, 2012, Innsbruck>
Fraunhofer SIT ()
decision support; governance and compliance; information security measurement model; security information and event management; security monitoring; security strategy

The use of formal models to guide security design is appealing. This paper presents a model driven approach whereby security systems in operation can be assessed and measured against various requirements that are defined when the system is created. By aligning with organisational policy, and business requirements of a specific system, design and operation can proceed in a way that allows measurement of how successfully security objectives are being achieved. This paper describes a model driven approach which overcomes the contextual restrictions of existing solutions. In particular, where models have been used previously these have tended to be predefined and closed models, whereas the approach described here is an extensible model that comprises all parts of the security monitoring and decision support process. By means of interlinked semantic concepts, the proposed security strategy meta model provides a way to model security directives at an abstract level, which can be automatically compiled into specific rules for an underlying framework of monitoring, decision support, and enforcement engines.