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A multi-frequency hybrid passive radar concept for medium range air surveillance

: O'Hagan, D.W.; Kuschel, H.; Ummenhofer, M.; Heckenbach, J.; Schell, J.


IEEE aerospace and electronic systems magazine 27 (2012), Nr.10, S.6-15
ISSN: 0885-8985
Fraunhofer FHR ()

A MFH-PR concept has been presented. The rationale for pursuing such a hybrid unit has been explained in terms of enhancing detection range and coverage over conventional PRs. The important distinctions between MFNs and SFNs have been analysed. Section VI has described the advantages of signal reconstruction and has shown that, in certain situations, adequate interference suppression can be achieved without use of additional adaptive filters. An important consideration of MFH-PR is the potential range coverage extension. This has been demonstrated in Section VII using an advanced radar planning tool. Frequency and spatial diversity have been discussed in the context of improving tracking performance. The military utility of a MFH-PBR has also been discussed in Section XIII.