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Sensoranordnung und Verfahren

Sensor assembly and method
: Herzer, E.; Schlag, U.; Sauerer, J.

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DE 102011017640 A: 20110427
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a sensor assembly having a current controller, a reference resistor and a feed current scaler. The sensor assembly further comprises a sensor element having an internal resistor, wherein the internal resistor of the sensor element and the reference resistor have a predetermined relationship with one another. The current controller is designed to provide a reference current through the reference resistor and, in response to a disturbance-induced change of the reference resistor, alter the reference current such that the voltage dropping across the reference resistor remains in a predetermined range around the applied target voltage. The current controller is further designed to provide a feed current to the feed current scaler and to alter said current by an amount of the feed current depending on the amount of the reference current. The feed current scaler is designed to feed a scaled feed current to the sensor element on the basis of the feed current in order to scale a voltage dropping across the internal resistor of the sensor element in accordance with the scaling of the feed current.