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Multimodal visible embolisation particles

: Bartling, Sönke H.; Budjan, Johannes; Sadick, Maliha; Aviv, Hagit; Margel, Shlomo; Reis, Christian; Diehl, Steffen

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European hospital (2011), 26.10.2011
ISSN: 0942-9085
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magnetische Beads; Bildgebung; Embolisationspartikel; Produktion im OP

Embolisation - the blocking of vessels - is a key procedure in Interventional Radiology. It plays a steadily growing role in the treatment of various tumour lesions, with hepatic cellular carcinoma and uterine fibroids the main focus. We produced multimodal visible embolization particles, which can be visualized in X-ray based fluoroscopy and computer tomography (CT) as well as radiation free magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).