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Integrated receivers on SOI for PSK modulation formats

: Kroh, M.; Zimmermann, L.; Bach, H.-G.; Nielsen, M.L.; Bruns, J.; Unterbörsch, G.

IEEE Photonics Society; Institution of Engineering and Technology -IET-:
ECIO 2010 Cambridge. Proceedings DVD-ROM : 15th European Conference on Integrated Optics and Technical Exhibition, 6 - 9 April 2010
Cambridge, 2010
2 S.
European Conference on Integrated Optics and Technical Exhibition (ECIO) <15, 2010, Cambridge>
Fraunhofer HHI ()

Hybrid integration on SOI motherboards is a versatile technology to provide solutions for the detection of PSK modulated data signals. We have shown assembly and successful testing of a 40 Gbps DPSK receiver comprising a waveguide integrated demodulator on SOI and flip-chip integrated InP-based photodetectors. Coherent detection with 4x4 MMIs for 90° hybrids was investigated using the same integration platform. Low phase deviations and operation over the entire C-Band enable integrated solutions of QPSK detectors. Potential receiver bandwidths of > 40 GHz permit symbol rates of up to 57 Gbaud/s and receiver designs for 200 Gbps QPSK.