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Smart grids state of the art and current research - a European perspective

Presentation held at CPS Conference "Feasibility Studies on R&D of Solution-oriented Integrated IT Infrastructure", 2012, Tokyo
: Prehofer, C.

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2012, 48 Folien
Conference "Feasibility Studies on R&D of Solution-Oriented Integrated IT Infrastructure" <2012, Tokyo>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ESK ()
smart grid

There is currently considerable R&D effort towards so-called "Smart Grids", which refer to an intelligent electric energy supply system. The transition to Smart Grids can be described as an upgrade of the electricity networks towards two-way information and power exchange between producers, storage facilities consumers and network operating equipment. This is essential to support renewable energies as well as more flexible consumption of energy, as e.g. needed for e-mobility. We review the current electricity networks and discuss the research challenges. For this purpose, we cover the communication and control standards developed to enable smart grids, as well as market and business aspects. Then, we discuss current research initiatives within the EU, covering smart metering as well as e-mobility.