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Elemental monitoring of steel scrap loading an electrical arc furnace

: Sturm, V.; Eilers, D.; Werheit, P.; Chiarotti, U.; Volponi, V.; Miranda, U. de; Zani, M.; Makowe, J.

Yejin-fenxi = Metallurgical Analysis 32 (2012), Nr.6, S.18-23
ISSN: 1000-7571
Fraunhofer ILT ()

The use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for scrap analysis has been evaluated for elemental monitoring of steel scrap loading an electrical arc furnace (EAF). A LIBS prototype was developed and installed during a field test above a pendulum conveying trough between the scrap charging area and the EAF, approx. 25 m from the EAF. The width and depth of the conveying trough filled with the scrap are approx. 2 m and 1 m, respectively. The average scrap velocity is adjusted to the EAF loading requirements within a range of 0.3 to 5.5 m/min, resulting in a scrap throughput of 100 tons per hour, typically. At the installation site, primarily, the detection of a high content of silicon in the low-alloy steel scrap is of interest for an improved control of the EAF. The on-line LIBS measurement showed the capability of detecting high silicon scrap in an industrial environment, although the developed prototype detected only a fraction of the scrap load surface due to the restricted measuring volume of 600 ? 600 ? 180 mm3. Increasing the measuring volume should further improve the performance in order to exploit it for charging/process control and management.