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Dyes in carbon nanotube arrays

: Lackner, G.; Mayer-Uhma, T.; Endler, I.; Boucher, R.; Meißner, F.; Scholz, S.; Krug, M.; Bezugly, V.; Mkandawire, M.; Majumder, A.; Kovalenko, D.A.; Conze, S.; Hildebrandt, S.; Michaelis, A.; Lupascu, D.C.

Journal of Materials Science and Engineering. B 2 (2012), Nr.6, S.334-346
ISSN: 2161-6221
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Fraunhofer IZFP, Institutsteil Dresden ( Fraunhofer IZFP-D) ()

The infiltration of dissolved dies into vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays (VA-CNT) is reported. The ultra hydrophobic surface of a CNT array can be completely infiltrated on a surface area of 48 mm2 by an appropriate choice of solvent. This is so far not possible by evaporation techniques. Depending on the solvent type, the CNT alignment remains unaltered, which is strongly modified, or even lost. The infiltrated CNT array provides a well ordered electrode structure for organic solar cells. The CNT can simultaneously serve as electron acceptor in combination with an appropriate donor dye. Sensors and organic LED are among further applications.