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Integrated piezoelectrics for smart microsystems - a teamwork of substrate and piezo

: Gebhardt, S.; Ernst, D.; Bramlage, B.; Flössel, M.; Schönecker, A.


Vincenzini, P.:
Adaptive, active and multifunctional smart materials systems : Selected, peer reviewed papers from the Symposium A "Adaptive, Active and Multifunctional Smart Materials Systems" of CIMTEC 2012 - 4th International Conference "Smart Materials, Structures and Systems", held in Montecatini Terme, Italy, june 10-14, 2012
Dürnten: Trans Tech Publications, 2013 (Advances in science and technology 77)
ISBN: 978-3-908158-63-9
International Conference on Smart Materials, Structures and Systems (CIMTEC) <4, 2012, Montecatini Terme>
Symposium A "Adaptive, Active and Multifunctional Smart Materials Systems" <2012, Montecatini Terme>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Siebdruck; Mikrosystem; Tonerde; Ultraschallwandler; Elektronikkomponente; Mehrfachschicht; Niedertemperatureinbrandkeramik; Dickfilm; elektrische Verbindung; Piezoelektrizität

Microelectronic substrates like silicon, alumina and LTCC (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics) allow for high robustness and reliability, 3D packaging (electrical connection, channels, cavities and membranes) as well as integration and application of electronic components whereas piezoceramic materials offer sensor and actuator operations. To combine the advantages of both, integrated solutions are of great interest. This paper deals with two approaches of monolithic integration, (i) screen printing of piezoceramic thick films on microelectronic substrates and subsequent post firing and (ii) integration of pre-fired piezoceramic components into green LTCC multilayer packages and subsequent sintering. Functionality of smart microsystems not only depends on the outer design and construction but to a great part on interaction of substrate and piezoceramic material properties. A thorough choice of materials as well as the understanding and prevention of chemical reactions are necessary to build effective systems.