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Low formaldehyde emitting biobased wood adhesives manufactured from mixtures of tannin and glyoxylatet lignin

: Navarette, P; Pizzi, A.; Tapin-Lingua, S.; Benjelloun-Mlayah, B.; Pasch, H.; Rode, Karsten; Delmotte, L.; Rigolet, S.

Journal of adhesion science and technology 26 (2012), Nr.10-11, S.1667-1684
ISSN: 0169-4243
Fraunhofer LBF ()
low formaldehyde; biobased wood adhesive; tannin; glyoxylated lignin

Kraft (LN-T-CO2-2) and wheat straw (CIMV) glyoxalated lignin mixed with mimosa tannin and hexamine as a hardener were used as wood adhesive resins in particleboard fabrication. The adhesive systems proportion used were 40/60 and 50/50 w/w for lignin and tannin, respectively. The gel time test was determined by knowing the polymerization time between the different mixes under the controlled conditions. The results showed a slower polymerization with the kraft lignin/mimosa tannin blending than with the wheat straw lignin/mimosa tannin one. Thermomechanical analyses (TMA) tests were carried out as an indication of the final strength of the adhesive systems revealed by the elasticity modulus (MOE). The MOE results have demonstrated the best mechanical resistance values in 40/60 lignin/mimosa tannin proportion with respectively 3.422 and 3.347 (MPa), for CIMV and LN-T-CO2-2, and 2.122 (MPa) for 50/50 proportion. Particleboards were prepared and the internal bond (IB) tests were carried out according to the European Standard EN 312. The IB tests confirmed the TMA results. The higher mechanical results of the IB were 0.43 and 0.53 (MPa), for CIMV and LN-T-CO2-2 lignin in a 40/60 lignin/mimosa tannin proportion. They were classified as interior panel P2 in according with the standard request EN-312. Free-formaldehyde was determined through the flask method EN 717-3. Particleboards prepared with these natural adhesive resins registered emissions at least 87 and 75% lower than the commercial UF and MUF adhesive resins. The panels were classified as E0.