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SMART-WAY: A mobile navigation system for public transport

: Tönjes, Stefan; Küster, Andreas; Rüssel, Alexander; Pronello, Cristina; Camusso, Cristian; Núnez, Garzón; Forchino, Alberto; Kortsari, Annie; Tyrinopoulos, Yannis; Schröder, Michael; Hylén, Bertil; Böhm, René; Dotzler, Josef

Intelligent Transport Systems -ITS-, Wien:
Smarter on the way. 19th ITS World Congress 2012. CD-ROM : Vienna, Austria, 22 to 26 October 2012
Belgien: ERTICO, 2012
6 S.
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS World Congress) <19, 2012, Vienna>
Fraunhofer IVI ()
Fraunhofer ITWM ()
public transport; navigation system; Smartphone; mobile application; passenger; routing; real time; disturbance

The idea of SMART-WAY (SMART-WAY (2012)) is to provide a seamless public transport navigation system based on mobile devices that gives passengers the possibility to act as they are used to do with common navigation systems in their cars. Once entered the destination of their trip they are able to get into a vehicle and to jump off/on in order to change or interrupt their trips as often as they like to. Passengers are not longer bound to a printout of the route - the system will always guide them to the desired destination even if a change of vehicles is needed, the route is interrupted or modified. Commuters and locals are able to switch to alternative routes if their bus or train is late and tourists habe the chance to find the quickest route to their hotel or to the main city sights.