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Complex monolithic and InP hybrid integration on high bandwidth electro-optic polymer platform

: Groumas, P.; Zhang, Z.; Katopodis, V.; Kouloumentas, C.; Felipe, D. de; Dinu, R.; Miller, E.; Mallari, J.; Cangini, G.; Keil, N.; Avramopoulos, H.; Grote, N.


Optics Letters 37 (2012), Nr.16, S.3465-3467
ISSN: 0146-9592
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We report on the monolithic integration of multimode interference couplers, Bragg gratings, and delay-line interferometers on an electro-optic polymer platform capable of modulation directly at 100 Gb/s. We also report on the hybrid integration of InP active components with the polymer structure using the butt-coupling technique. Combining the passive and the active components, we demonstrate a polymer-based, external cavity laser with 17 nm tuning range and the optical assembly of an integrated 100 Gb/s transmitter, and we reveal the potential of the electro-optic polymer technology to provide the next generation integration platform for complex, ultra-high-speed optical transceivers.