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Image processing device for finding corresponding regions in two imgage data sets of an object

: Filippatos, K.

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WO 2011EP53134 A1: 20110302
WO 2012116746 A1: 20120907
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to an image processing device (1) for finding corresponding first and second regions in two image data sets of an object. In a first image data set a source line and in a second image data set a corresponding target line are determined depending on reference regions detectable in both image data sets. A first region in the first image data set is projected onto the source line, thereby dividing the source line into two source sub-lines and defining a source ratio as the ratio of the length of one of the source sub-lines to the length of the entire source line. A second region in the second image data set is then determined such that a projection of the second region onto the target line leads to a corresponding target ratio which is similar to the source ratio.