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Anordnung mit mindestens einer Farbstoffsolarzelle

Arrangement of dye-sensitized solar cells for e.g. charger, has electrical vias formed in ceramic layers and metallic conductor track between ceramic layers, for electrical conductive connection of electrodes
: Kusnezoff, M.; Michaelis, A.; Schneider, M.

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DE 102010056338 A
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The arrangement comprises one electrode (3) formed on a surface of an electromagnetic radiation transparent substrate (1). A substrate (6) is arranged at a specific distance from the substrate (1). An electrolyte-absorbing cavity (15) is formed between the substrates. The substrate (6) is formed with a ceramic multilayer structure comprising two ceramic layers (6.1,6.2). The electrical conductive connection of the electrodes (3,5) is formed by the electrical vias (7) formed in the layers (6.1,6.2) and one metallic conductor track (8) between the layers.