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Influencing the phase transition temperature of poly(methoxy diethylene glycol acrylate) by molar mass, end groups, and polymer architecture

: Miasnikova, A.; Laschewsky, A.


Journal of polymer science. A, polymer chemistry 50 (2012), Nr.16, S.3313-3323
ISSN: 0360-6376
ISSN: 0887-624X
ISSN: 1099-0518
ISSN: 1096-990X
Fraunhofer IAP ()

The easily accessible, but virtually overlooked monomer methoxy diethylene glycol acrylate was polymerized by the RAFT method using monofunctional, difunctional, and trifunctional trithiocarbonates to afford thermoresponsive polymers exhibiting lower critical solution temperature-type phase transitions in aqueous solution. The use of the appropriate RAFT agent allowed for the preparation and systematic variation of polymers with defined molar mass, end-groups, and architecture, including amphiphilic diblock, symmetrical triblock, and triarm star-block copolymers, containing polystyrene as permanently hydrophobic constituent. The cloud points (CPs) of the various polymers proved to be sensitive to all varied parameters, namely molar mass, nature, and number of the end-groups, and the architecture, up to relatively high molar masses. Thus, CPs of the polymers can be adjusted within the physiological interesting range of 2040 degrees C. Remarkably, CPs increased with the molar mass, even when hydrophilic end groups were attached to the polymers.