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Initial model-based security testing methods

: Wotawa, F.; Tcholtchev, N. et al.
: Diamonds Consortium

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Erstellt am: 24.8.2012

Berlin: Fraunhofer FOKUS, 2012, 46 S.
Reportnr.: D3.WP2
Bericht, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
security testing; model-based; fuzzing; risk-based; monitoring; testing methods

D1.WP2 reviewed the state-of-the-arts methods used in security testing. D2.WP2 described the main concepts dedicated to model-based security testing used by the different project partners. In this document (D3.WP2) more concrete model-based security testing methods are discussed and introduced. This deliverable is intended to be the continuation of previous work and describes some of the advances performed in WP2. We follow the structure of the previous deliverables and divide the content into three parts: Monitoring and inspection, active testing and risk analysis for risk based testing.