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Challenges for multi-screen TV apps

: Dufourd, J.-C.

Arbanowski, S. (Ed.); Steglich, S. (Ed.); Knoche, H. (Ed.); Hess, J. (Ed.):
EuroITV 2012, Bridging People, Places and Platforms. Adjunct proceedings : 10th European Interactive TV Conference, Berlin, July 4-6, 2012
Berlin: Fraunhofer FOKUS, 2012
ISBN: 978-3-00-038715-9
European Interactive TV Conference (EuroITV) <10, 2012, Berlin>
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
HbbTV; interactive TV applications; resource management in broadcast; multi-screen and distributed applications; inter-widget communication

HbbTV, an emerging standard for interactive television, is being deployed in various European countries, creating bandwidth demand for interactive services in existing saturated broadcast networks. It is a first step in the direction of TV apps, but we believe the winning technology in that area is multi-screen apps on and around the TV. In this paper, we describe the current situation with HbbTV and apps, what can be done with existing technologies, high-potential scenarios and our plans to make them possible by combining existing standards with limited extensions, creating a platform implementing a multi-application service model, and open source software tools spanning management and production of this new type of service, within the Coltram project.