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Experimental characterization of d15 shear piezoelectric macro-fibre composites

Presentation held at 4th International Symposium on Aircraft Materials, Fez (Morocco), May 9 - 12 , 2012, Fez; ACMA 2012
Experimentelle Charakterisierung von d15 piezoelektrischen Makrofaserverbunden mit Schereffekt
: Kranz, Burkhard

2012, 14 Folien
International Symposium on Aircraft Materials (ACMA) <4, 2012, Fez>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
piezoelectricity; Macro-Fibre Composites (MFC); shear deformation; Piezoelektrizität; Makrofaserverbund (MFC); Schubdeformation

Macro-Fibre Composites are well-known piezoceramic fibre based actuator and sensor modules which combine the energy density of piezoceramic materials with the flexibility and durability of epoxy. Ongoing research shows the potential of MFC also in aircraft industry, for example for wing morphing at remote controlled aircrafts. Mainly two kinds of MFC are commercially introduced to industrial applications: MFC with interdigitated electrodes to induce longitudinal or -mode in the fibres and MFC with netlike electrodes on top and bottom to impress an electric field in the thickness direction of the MFC and therefore using the transverse or -mode in the fibres. Furthermore current research activities deal with monolithic shear actuated piezo patches, shear actuated piezo sandwich structures and also shear actuated MFC. We now present the first experimental characterization of -mode shear piezoelectric Macro-Fibre Composites. The characterization is based on low-frequency (quasi static) displacement measurements where the MFC serves as a voltage driven actuator. Due to the small overall dislocation a laser vibrometer is used for the measurements. The experimental results are compared with numerical ones, which were obtained by a simulation model using homogenized material parameters for the MFC. The comparison shows a quiet good agreement. With this study we could show the functional operability of the shear piezoelectric Macro-Fibre Composites which open the possibility for practical applications.