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Properties of multicrystalline silicon heat treated by classical and rapid thermal processing



Strunk, H.P.:
Polycrystalline semiconductors III. Physics and technology : Proceedings of the Third International Conference; Saint Malo, 05.-10.09.1993
Aedermannsdorf: Scitec Publications, 1994 (Diffusion and defect data. B, Solid state phenomena 37/38)
ISBN: 3-908450-04-7
ISSN: 1012-0394
International Conference on Polycrystalline Semiconductors - Physics and Technology <3, 1993, Saint Malo>
Fraunhofer ISE ()

Modulated Free Carrier IR-Absorption (MFCA) is introduced as a contactless measurement technique for characterizing minority charge carrier lifetimes in multicrystalline silicon with intermediate spatial resolution. The method is used to evaluate thermal annealing experiments on different cast and ribbon materials. It is found that by a pure thermal treatment without external gettering in one type of cast silicon a strong lifetime improvement can occur, while another type remains almost unchanged. The ribbon material deteriorates without additional gettering.