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Purification of low quality silicon feedstock [for solar cell fabrication]

: Einhaus, R.; Sarti, D.; Hässler, C.; Trassy, C.; Delannoy, Y.; Wolf, S. de; Ferrazza, F.; Martinuzzi, S.; Warta, W.

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IEEE Electron Devices Society:
Twenty-Eighth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference 2000. Conference record : Anchorage Hilton Hotel, Anchorage, AK, 15 -22 September 2000
Piscataway: IEEE Operations Center, 2000
ISBN: 0-7803-5772-8
ISBN: 0-7803-5773-6
ISBN: 0-7803-5774-4
Photovoltaic Specialists Conference <28, 2000, Anchorage/Alaska>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
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In the frame of the European ARTIST project, purification techniques have been developed that allow to use alternative silicon feedstock sources for PV production:
(i) very low resistivity (0.08-0.1 Omega cm) (VLR) silicon material was produced by directional solidification, resulting in solar cells of 14.5% efficiency;
(ii) an inductive plasma purification unit was developed, demonstrating a significant reduction of B, P, C, O, Ca, and Al impurities from upgraded metallurgical grade silicon;
(iii) an Sb evaporation/condensation process was established to allow heavily doped n-type silicon feedstock to be used for PV, resulting in an average reduction of Sb by a factor of more than 100 after evaporation and directional solidification and in solar cell efficiencies above 15.5%. This paper summarises the technical state-of-the-art that has been achieved to date with respect to the above mentioned techniques.