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Robustness evaluation and improvement method for automated material handling systems

: Sturm, R.; Reddig, K.; Glüer, D.

Semiconductor FABTECH 21 (2004), S.38-47
ISSN: 1355-8633
ISSN: 1358-1759
Fraunhofer IPA ()
automated material handling system; AMHS; Materialfluss; Halbleiter; Mikroelektronik; Planung

Planning and operating automated material handling systems (AMHS) for microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing have become increasingly important for modern high-volume production lines. As a service system for the manufacturing process, reliable material supply to the process equipment is mandatory, and the scope of operating an AMHS is on the prompt. To ensure and improve the quality of AMHS, an approach for measuring and quantifying the AMHS performance of alternative planning variants is required. Fraunhofer IPA and AMD have developed an approach for robustness evaluation of AMHS configurations. This approach is very efficient when comparing alternative planning variants and different configuration parameters of the system, in order to provide both cost efficient and reliable material delivery.