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IMPRESS, an innovative pilot injection-compression moulding platform for the production of micro-nanostructures on plastic parts

: Moguedet, Maël; Bambury, Eoin; Blondiaux, Nicolas; Coustal, Cécile; Dessors, Stéphane; Eigenbrod, Hartmut; Fugier, Pascal; Gerritsen, Eric; Giroud, Alexandre; Guttenberg, Zeno; Halper, Jean-Luc; Heinrich, Andreas; Kaller, Stefan; Lacan, Franck; Pletscher, Ernst; Pugin, Raphael; Ribeiro, Nelson; Rochowicz, Markus; Salaun, Guillaume; Scholz, Steffen

Society of Plastics Engineers -SPE-:
EUROTEC 2011. Conference Proceedings. CD-ROM : Barcelona, Spain, 14.-15.11.2011
Barcelona, 2011
5 S.
EUROTEC Conference <2011, Barcelona>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
injection moulding; self-assembly; IMPRESS; multi-scaling; nanotechnology; MicroNanoManufacturing Technologies (MNMT); Fertigung; Spritzgießen

IMPRESS targets the development of a technological injection moulding platform for serial production of plastic components incorporating micro or nano scale functional features. The platform is based on most advanced facilities divided in three modules:
- tool manufacturing, involving different technologies of micro-nano direct manufacturing, from top-down to bottom-up such as self-assembling,
- injection moulding, including equipments fitted with innovative hardware technologies to improve replication quality and capability,
- intelligence, dedicated to advanced process control and online metrology integration.
Beside this large panel of facilities, three case studies wil be presented for biology, medical and energy applications. We present the main results obtained during the first year of the project.