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L10 FePtCu bit patterned media

: Brombacher, C.; Grobis, M.; Lee, J.; Fidler, J.; Eriksson, T.; Werner, T.; Hellwig, O.; Albrecht, M.


Nanotechnology 23 (2012), Nr.2, Art. 025301, 4 S.
ISSN: 0957-4484
ISSN: 1361-6528
Fraunhofer ENAS ()

Chemically ordered 5nm-thick L1 0 FePtCu films with strong perpendicular magnetic anisotropy were post-patterned by nanoimprint lithography into a dot array over a 3mm-wide circumferential band on a 3inch Si wafer. The dots with a diameter of 30nm and a center-to-center pitch of 60nm appear as single domain and reveal an enhanced switching field as compared to the continuous film. We demonstrate successful recording on a single track using shingled writing with a conventional hard disk drive write/read head.